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Quick Tips from Mountain Man James

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Starter Beard

Growing A Beard Takes Determination And Commitment . Just Stop Shaving. Don’t Shave For A Month. This Gives You Time To Develop A Foundation Which You Can Start To Develop A Shape From. As Soon As The Beard Starts To Grow In, Immediately Start Using Oils And Stimulators. After 30 Days Send Me A Picture And We Develop A Beard Plan For You.

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Maintaining a Short Beard

Apply 3 drops of oil by hand to a dry beards first thing in the morning.

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Prep for A Long Beard

Apply Oil, Then Butter, Comb Or Brush Through. Make Sure To Let The Base Hair And Neck Hair Grow To Add To The Fullness Of The Beard.

Mountain Man and Danny Answer Your Questions

How do I apply my oil/butter?

I recommend you do this daily. Especially during the dry, cold winter months. If you see that your beard is too oily, decrease the usage or the amount you are using. If you have a full beard that is longer than 1″ (25mm), you should use about a dime to nickle size amount of oil, or a full thumb nail scoop of our beard butter. Increase if needed for longer beards (3+ inches). Decrease for shorter beards and goatees. After you have it in your palm, rub your hands together and then work the oil into your beard, making sure you get it down to your skin. Use a brush to distribute the oils evenly.